We at Rocha Financial Group believe that the financial services industry has gone over board when it comes to streamlining the process of offering financial services – retirement plans, medical insurance and supplemental benefits. The over simplification of such an important topic like finances is affecting companies employee retention and employee morale.┬áCompanies design and offer “Rich” benefit packages with the goal of attracting top talent and retain employees – to minimize the effects of employee turn over, but they are experiencing the complete opposite.

Here is some data for you to review:

  • 51% of employees are actively looking to leave your company for a better opportunity.
  • 18% of employees believe their current employer will not take care of them financially.

As a business you should know that 70% of your company’s image and perception comes from the interaction customers have with your employees. If your employees are not 100% engaged with your company, service and product your business’ image is in jeopardy. We address the potential loss companies have when it comes to turn-over and the wasted funds in training employees that do not stay with an organization in the video. Take a look!

Enjoy the video!

We look forward to earning your business!



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